Sunday, May 30, 2010

Can't wait to hang pictures on the wall...

I never hung a single picture on the wall of the apartment that we are currently living in. I guess part of me knew that it was just a stopping place until we could find a somewhere that we loved enough to call HOME! Now don't get me wrong I am a little sad that Aliana (my daughter) is leaving the only place that she has ever known and I wonder if the different sounds of our new home will wake her up at night or if she will love her bedroom as much as she does the one she is in now....... BUT I look forward to watching her crawl around and explore her new home and I look forward to making it our own. I am confident in the fact that we will ALL love the townhouse and that it is the perfect fit for our family!!!!!!

I am going out this week to purchase flowers, herbs and plants to decorate the patio for the June 5th celebration and my creative side is bursting at the seams with the endless possibilities of color and life that I can create in our outdoor space.

Sent out an invitation to some of our closest family & friends inviting them to the June 5th reception..... Hope they can make it would love for them to not only see where we will be living but where we will be spending the ENTIRE summer as we are hosting a youth basketball camp, men's basketball league, community day, community service day and celebrity streetball game at Hazelwood Park!

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