Sunday, May 30, 2010

Can't wait to hang pictures on the wall...

I never hung a single picture on the wall of the apartment that we are currently living in. I guess part of me knew that it was just a stopping place until we could find a somewhere that we loved enough to call HOME! Now don't get me wrong I am a little sad that Aliana (my daughter) is leaving the only place that she has ever known and I wonder if the different sounds of our new home will wake her up at night or if she will love her bedroom as much as she does the one she is in now....... BUT I look forward to watching her crawl around and explore her new home and I look forward to making it our own. I am confident in the fact that we will ALL love the townhouse and that it is the perfect fit for our family!!!!!!

I am going out this week to purchase flowers, herbs and plants to decorate the patio for the June 5th celebration and my creative side is bursting at the seams with the endless possibilities of color and life that I can create in our outdoor space.

Sent out an invitation to some of our closest family & friends inviting them to the June 5th reception..... Hope they can make it would love for them to not only see where we will be living but where we will be spending the ENTIRE summer as we are hosting a youth basketball camp, men's basketball league, community day, community service day and celebrity streetball game at Hazelwood Park!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Believing in my own ability to make a positive change...

Let me start off by saying that I am attracted to doing things big and in an excessive manor. It has been a longstanding joke that I am a "professional shopper" as I was brought up in a position to enjoy the finer things in life. I had a bad habit of traveling to beautiful places and staying in 5 star hotels (one of my past goals in life was to stay at every Ritz Carlton around the world and at 26 I have 5 under my belt... That I've graced on more than one occasion). I would venture away from the security of "touristy" spots long enough to submerge my senses in local life and I would see the most beautiful people in the rawest forms, taste local cuisine and become part of something that would smash the boundaries of the life I was accustomed to living. BUT when the sun would set on the unpaved roads and the air would turn from sticky to sweet it was my time to return to the comforts of my 5 star lifestyle.

I would return home from these extraordinary far off places with my excessive vacation mentality intact. The idea that everything had to be excessive in order to be successful carried over into my business. I was wrong. My company N9NE Promotions (pronounced 99) for the year that my Mother passed away from breast cancer and my life was forever changed. After 2 years in business I have learned a BIG lesson... The littlest acts that you perform for a community in need are the ones that make the BIGGEST difference in the lives of those who need someone to believe in their abilities to make a positive change for themselves.

I would love to sit here and lead you to believe that I made this self discovery years ago and have been working towards living a less excessive, less selfish more Eco-friendly lifestyle. BUT the truth is I have not made a change until 5 months ago when my little girl was born. Until then I just lived vicariously through my best friend who practiced yoga, worked on organic potato farms and spent New Years Eve chanting at a Buddhist Temple. Envious of her meaningful and simplistic life, I was so wrapped up in wanting more that I didn't realize that what I truly needed was less.

Living in the new Energy Star Townhouses gives me the opportunity to make a positive change in my life and for my daughter (who at 5 months old has only been introduced to organic baby foods). Sustainable living means that not only have less materials but they are safer; and as a new mom I can't ask for much more than that. Being able to call the townhouses home means that I can save money every month which will allow me to continue to give back to the youth in the City of New Bedford and help to ensure my daughter's future.

The fact is that as a Mom and a business owner I can no longer afford to live an excessive lifestyle and I want my daughter to know that as a minority woman she has the ability to be whatever she wants in life and she has the power to make a positive change in the world. In order to teach her that I have to believe the same for myself and I now do. I am working towards reducing my carbon footprint ; even if I am walking in the right direction wearing a "green" stiletto!